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TE Connectivity Brasil

Rua Ampere, 304,Bragança Paulista 12929-570,São Paulo,Brasil

Detalhes da empresa

TE helps you boost performance and increase reliability in one of the most extreme application environments on Earth. Whether it’s corrosive salt spray on a wind-swept oil rig or the incredible hydrostatic pressures on umbilical cable on a 10,000 foot dive of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), we’re relentless in our drive to save space and weight and increase performance to the maximum. Count on TE for wide-ranging interconnection solutions. We speak your language, have wide and deep experience solving the tough problems in offshore exploration and production, and work closely with customers to find the best solution.
Rua Ampere, 304,Bragança Paulista 12929-570,São Paulo,Brasil

Pessoas de contato

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